Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sailor Chibi Moon intro

So a bunch of girls I know decided to get together again as a Sailor Moon group for Otakuthon 2014. Since I'm the shortest of the gang I decided to be none other than Sailor Chibi Moon. The others did a Sailor Moon group last year and basically kept their characters.

So here's to a new project!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Box encasing the badge of the "Black Order"

My friend found in Chinatown a metallic pin crest of the "Black Order", two to be more precise so I didn't have to make it. It's not exactly Lenalee's crest but since she isn't doing the Masquerade her cosplay won't be judged so I can get away with it :P One is heavier than the other so I will have to test which one she prefers on the cosplay.

However if you can't find one you can always make it using papier mache, sand it, tape a pin to the back side, and paint using a metalic silver acrylic paint. Or use plaster of paris but you will have to make a mold first.

Pin your pin where it should go and make your boxes around it using white fabric paint. Once it's dry you can remove your pin and sew on the decorative button.

Belt part 2

I'm doing a simplified version of Lenalee's first costume so instead of having white parts on both sides of the bottom of the dress I'm simply doing one side and incorporating it to the belt. The first step will be to calculate the length of white material you will need. Put on the dress and the belt, make sure you place the belt at the height you want it. Have someone measure the distance between the bottom of the belt to down to the end of your dress, and add 2 cm that will be the length you'll need. I made mine a little fancier and made it longer. I folded back the extra. You can see in the picture where the folded part ends. The width will depend on how "fluffy" you want that flowing piece to be, I made mine a little over 44 cm wide. Just don't forget you will be folding the material quite a bit to get that pleated effect so the end result of the width will come up to less.

Sorry about the picture quality, and it was taken before ironing. Remember guys ALWAYS iron your material pieces before doing the final assemblage. Since spandex is thin don't forget to put a towel or a rag over your piece, you don't want to burn your material.

On a side note I have to say, sadly I didn't make the deadline as you guys guessed from the lack of update. So this cosplay will have to wait until Otakuthon 2014. Luckily I had a back-up cosplay for my friend, which turned out a hit in the Sailor Moon group another friend of mine had organized.

Anyway after all that folding and pinning your piece should look something like this.

Now put in a few hand sewn stiches as is as to be able to remove all the pins.

I've seen fan art where near the bottom of the pleats there's a black border. Figured it was kind of neat looking and decided to add that in. Since I haven't seen my friend in a while instead of sewing this part onto the belt I decided to put velcro (the rough side) at the top. That way she can place it where ever she wants it. Here is a final pic.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

White part for the back of the dress

Remember these? It's time to bring them out again.

On a newspaper (you might have to tape 2 pages together) pin both pieces beside each other like if this was the back of the dress (not like in the pic) and trace stopping a bit below underneath where under the arm is. You should get a pattern that looks like this:

Now pin your material and cut. Then pin on to the back of the dress and sew (I did by hand)

Tips For Wigs For Any Cosplay

I'd like to take the time to mention that a wig is a big part of a cosplay, it's what I'd like to call the finishing touch. So if you have the money I suggest you invest in one. But careful! A crappy wig can destoy the look you want. Also do your research before actually ordering, there are a lot of scam sites out there! They steal images from other sites and then when you finally get your wig it looks nothing like in the picture. Other sites are a "hit or a miss"

Here's from experience. I bought a Chib Usagi wig from cosplayhouse.com for a cosplay I was suppose to wear for Otakuthon 2013. I had bought from them the previous year, Sailor Venus shoes, and had no shipping issues and was satisfied with the quality and looked exactly like in the picture so I trusted them. Once I ordered my wig (late April) they were quick to process the order and take the money. A few weeks later I got an e-mail saying it was shipped but no tracking number. End of May I still got nothing so had to e-mail customer service to ask what was happening and that I couldn't see where my wig was because I had no tracking number. They gave me one but it didn't work, so contacted them again. They sent me a link directing me to a tracking site (a different one than last time I ordered) and found out that my wig was on it's way to Italy! I live in Canada and now mid June a month and a half from Otakuthon! I sent them yet another e-mail asking what was going on my order was being sent to Italy and got back a response of apology and that they were going to ship me another one. I finally got it early July. So don't know exactly what happen maybe they had just lost my order or forgotten it and tried to cover up. When I got it though it was a big disappointement and even if I styled it to look like their picture the results were awful. Basically what I got was a less than shoulder length wig and not to mention very thin. It looked like a cheap wig you get for Halloween and there was 2 hair clips to make pony tails. That was it. Not even enough hair to make the odangos.

Once Otakuthon 2013 passed I began my hunt to find another Chibi Usagi wig. I found a really good one on a cosplay shopping site I unfortunately don't remember the name of but noticed the pic had a copyright to it. I "googled" the name and it led me to a person on etsy I think who did the wig for herself and did not take commissions to make one. Had I didn't do my research I would have been scammed so see how easy it is to be fooled. I ended up ordering from Arda wigs. http://arda-wigs.com/ They don't have an exact Chibi Usagi wig but I found a tutorial to make one on http://hezachan.com/chibiwigtut.html so I bought a similar wig from Arda. The service is good and they are fast on shipping...like really fast if what you ordered is in stock. I ordered around 1pm and by 4:30pm my order was processed and heading to be shipped! I'll do an update once I get it. Update: It didn't take long to get it. The wig and hair clips I got were exactly what I was expecting. It looked like their pictures, and is good quality.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Belt part 1

Since I'm not making this cosplay for myself I can't finalize the collar because I haven't done those white lines that surround the "Black Order's Badge" and for that I need to have the person who this cosplay was meant for to be wearing the dress. That way I'll know exactly where to make those lines. So for now I'll concentrate on the belt.

To make the pattern take one of your own belts and place it on the edge of either tissue paper or newspaper like I've been doing. Then holding the paper at the edge, flip over the belt. Use a crayon to trace a line on the side of the belt. Unfold your piece and cut along your line and voila you got half of your pattern. Using that piece you made put it over another sheet and trace. Cut it out and tape together at the ends. Repeat process as needed to match the same length as your belt. If you want to add eye-pleasing creativity, finish one end of your pattern with a triangle shape instead.

Now pin your pattern to your white material. Do the hemming. The end result will give you something like this (I chose to end my belt with the pointed end)

Next step is to make that black line that goes across the middle of the belt. I tried making it out of material but the trouble with light weight material like spandex and with a thin strip or a small piece, my machine tended to "eat up" the material. After several attempts I decided to go with paint. This time I used a plain water based acrylic paint because I did't want that plasticky look. Cosplay tip: Never go free hand with paint! Do your guide lines with pencil pressing just enough so you can see your lines.

You are then ready to paint. Note: The paint will go through your material so I recommend you put something underneath like an old tablecloth you'll probably never use again or a clean rag. I only needed one coat of paint with a few touch ups after the paint had dried. This type of paint doesn't take as long to dry, I waited 1hr.

Once your paint is dry you can sew on the decorative button that goes at the end of your belt. Once that is done. Using adhesive velcro place the prickly side the closest to the edge as possible that way after several hours of moving around the ends of the belt won't roll up.
Put the belt around your waist and make a light pencil mark on the inside of the other end of the belt to know where your going to put the other part of the velcro.
Now to finish the main part of the belt sew on the decorative button.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shoulder strap

Measure the length of the space between the collar and pad and make it double. To make your pattern make a rectangle using your measurement and find a decent measurement for the width that goes with the proportion of your shoulder and don't forget to add extra to allow for the wasted centemeters that your hemming will use up. (My pattern ended up 6inches by 4 inches) Make 2 of those.

Once you have your pieces do the hemming. I'm running out of time so at this point I have to improvise and find ways to that will make the cosplay still great without giving it a rushed look. Here's a cosplay tip for any cosplay: Never rush the making of your costume, it will show. The parts that you did at the last minute or did very fast will affect the overall look of your costume and can ruin the effect. Also if you are entering a judging contest you may even loose points if some parts looks rushed. This is where fabric paint comes in handy.

Very important and applies to all cosplays: When you use fabric paint make sure there are no distractions in your enviroment because if you make a mistake there is no going back. Once the paint is there it's there forever. I did this part late in the evening once the kids were in bed. Also keep in mind that it takes about 4hrs to dry so if you have to do several coats of paint to get that perfect white DON'T WAIT UNTILL JUST A FEW DAYS BEFORE YOUR CON. You don't want to see all your hard work smudged the day of the con because your paint wasn't completely dry.

Being very careful and going slowly paint a white border for the strap leaving one side blank as so:

Now all that's left before sewing the strap on the dress is the button. The button goes on the side with the small white border. This is my final result before sewing onto the dress.

Pinning the strap in just the right way might be a question of trial and error. Before starting to sew I strongly recommend you try on the dress first to make sure it really is in the right place. I then hand sew it on. The paint gives the edges a little plastic feeling so I didn't want to take a chance of breaking the needle of my machine since its a cheap one. Don't forget when you are sewing the button side is the side closest to the collar